Our Story

ENVIDIA cosmetics comes into the picture when a mother and her daughter decided to team up and transform their passion into reality. Their love and robust ideas for makeups and skincare are beyond borders and all they wanted was to create products that are able to change their skin to look healthy, supple and radiant in order to boost self-confidence. On another note, with ENVIDIA makeup applications has never been any easier as it the products caters for women whose on the go. These two founders are thrilled to produce a brand that empowers a woman to be strong and strive for success!

Thus with their passion and endless research, these dynamic duos worked closely with their Korean partner, one of the most prominent skincare and cosmetic manufacturing hub to produce the latest makeups that are filled with all the natural goodness.

Now, with open arms, they would like to welcome everyone and share their secret for a luminous and luscious skin which comes from all the amazing range of ENVIDIA cosmetics and skincare line.

Remember, Makeup Is Now On The Go.