Dropship Program

  1. As part of our strategies to push our sales of products, we will use drop shippers as our online sales Agents
  2. The drop shippers do not have to buy the stocks in order to complete their sales
  3. In order to be our Dropshipper, the following eligible terms must be met: Register with KLS Inspire by emailing the following details:
    1. Must prove to have own online marketing media (eg: FB, IG & etc)
    2. Must have own bank account
  4. The drop shippers will register with KLS Inspire Sdn Bhd and a drop shipper username will be issued for purchase transactions.
  5. Once registered, the drop shippers must promote our products through their own online marketing programs. Any customer order will be registered in the drop shipper module at www.envidia.com.my or www.envidia.my.
  6. The postage fee will not be part of the discounted price. All orders will be processed online and email notification on successful processing will be prompted immediately.

Appointment of Dropshippers

We welcome you, our dropshiper, as part of the Envidian family. You don’t need to have capital & you don’t have to keep stock too.

All you need to have is the motivation to earn more money by promoting our products, get customers’ orders and we do the postage and handling on your behalf. Very simple and easy.

To register with us, email us the following information:

List of Stokists

We are proud to announce ENVIDIA business partners

011 3278 8881
014 655 6055
017 573 2512
016 810 8250

016 233 1783

019 856 8876

013 984 8987
019 620 5188

Shah Alam
019 912 8353

014 510 4889
013 922 2222

Welcome to the ENVIDIAN family.

For more information on how to be our business partner:

+6013 345 1511

Stockist Program

  1. We highly welcome you as our stockist and be part of our Envidian family. Let’s grow together as business partners.
  2. An online ads as well as TV will be put up to assist in the bringing customers. We will also share some of our ads should
    you need to promote the products online.
  3. In order to become our stockist, you need to register with KLS Inspire Sdn Bhd and pay the upfront payment to KLS
    Inspire bank account based the commission structure that you would like to enjoy.
  4. Whatsapp or email the proof of payment together with your order number.
  5. Upon registration, upfront payment & proof of payment, you will get:
    • Products
    • Product leaflets
  6. Advantages to stockist – Envidia will do its ads through TV and online media in order to promote its products. We will
    show all stockists numbers during those commercial ads
  7. For more information, please email to envidiabeauty@gmail.com or whatsapp Pn Liza @ 6013 345 1511.